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Carrom Board with Internal Playing Area

Carrom Board with Internal Playing Area84cm x84cm Plywood Carrom Board with 74cm x 74cm internal playing area.wide kicker wood edges with rosewood detail corners.4cm deep board.4 Netted PocketsWooden Carrom coins 11x White 11 x Black...

Carrom Board with Internal Playing Area
84cm x84cm Plywood Carrom Board with 74cm x 74cm internal playing area.
wide kicker wood edges with rosewood detail corners.
4cm deep board.
4 Netted Pockets
Wooden Carrom coins 11x White 11 x Black 2 x Red
Acrylic Stricker Carrom Coin
30 gms of Carrom Powder
Rules Booklet
Nylon Bag
Carrom is a strike and pocket table top board game. The game consists of a board and tokens also known as strikers.

Carrom is very popular in countries such as Sir Lanka, Nepal, India, Pakistan and surrounding areas. Alot of Cafes and clubs around these countries hold regular tournaments.

Suitable for up to four players. The Objective of the game is to use a striker disk with a flick of the finger, to move the lighter disks called the Carrom coins into one of the four pockets.

Players take turns to play. A turn consists of one or more strikes. A player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their chosen colour first. However, neither player can win until one or other player has covered the Queen. To cover the Queen, a player must pocket one of her own pieces immediately after pocketing the Queen. If the Queen is pocketed but not covered, the Queen is returned to the board. Both players normally try to cover the Queen in addition to trying to win the game because a player who wins and also covers the Queen receives bonus points.


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